Qatar lnt’I Boat Show

11-15 Nov 2014

ART MARINE participated at the second annual Qatar International Boat Show at Lusail Marina from 11th to 15th November. ART MARINE, as one of the main participants of the show, again took a prominent position at the show and exhibited its range of products and services at its iconic custom-made stand. Gregor Stinner, CEO of ART MARINE, said: “Even though QIBS is a very young Boat Show, with the inaugural show only taking place last year, ART MARINE actively participated this year with a custom-made stand, exhibiting two sizable yachts of the brands we represent in Qatar. This year we were focused on showcasing ART MARINE’s 5 Operational Divisions, capitalizing on this year’s progress and achievements made.We received a much larger audience, now that QIBS is recognized as a fully-fledged boat show, backed by its organizers and the many exhibitors participating”.