ART MARINE in Pole Position at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

27-29 Nov 2015

Abu Dhabi 27 November- ART MARINE, the region’s largest and best-known 360–degree leisure marine enterprise, will have two exciting new Riva yachts in pride of place at the Abu Dhbai Grand Prix this year, with berths outside of the world renowned Italian restaurant Cipriani in Yas Marina. During the race weekend, in partnership with Riva, ART MARINE is giving the UAE a sneak peek of the 88 Florida and 88 Domino Super, ahead of the official introduction to the Middle East market.

Riva, the legendary Italian yacht brand, is the perfect accessory for the glamorous VIPs at this year’s F1, alongside other illustrious Italian luxury brands such as Ferrari, which are the kings of the Formula One Track. Ferretti Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Alberto Galassi said: “We did not wanted to miss Abu Dhabi’s most important sporting event of the year, which captures the attention of motoring enthusiasts all over the world, fascinated by speed and the most advanced engineering research,” stated Ferretti Group’s CEO, Alberto Galassi. “The automotive world shares this weekend with yachting enthusiasts in Yas Marina, and together they enjoy cars and yachts, and the thrill that it gives us all. That is the reason why we decided to be part of this show and introduce, under the auspices of this racing weekend, the latest two Riva models.”

ART Marine is the exclusive dealership for Riva in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Egypt. They are delighted to report a successful year, with delivery of five Riva yachts, Duchessa 92, Florida 88, Domino Super 88, Ego Super 68, and Sport Riva 56 and a further 88 Domino Super in production. ART Marine is immensely proud of continuously bringing new brands and products to the region and is eagerly anticipating the official introduction of the elegant 88 Florida, derived from the automotive sector and the first luxury motor yacht, and the slender streamlined 88 Domino Super.

ART Marine is looking forward to showcasing the two new Riva yachts at the Formula One in Abu Dhabi this November. Only a year ago in the capital, they launched Abu Dhabi’s first high-end marine leisure boutique at the prestigious Emirates Palace Hotel as part of its GCC expansion strategy. Gregor Stinner, CEO of ART MARINE commented: “We’re very proud of the imminent launch of two new Riva yachts in the GCC market, 88 Florida and 88 Domino Super, which our loyal clients and Riva enthusiasts are already eagerly anticipating. ART Marine has solidly proven itself as a fully-fledged regional and exclusive dealership for the Ferretti Group by not only promoting its renowned brands at exclusive events, such as the Etihad Formula 1, but also at one-off model launch events, along with active participation in all regional and international boat shows and further afield in Europe”.